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The White Brothers were formed in the early summer of 1981. Originally they were a duo, Glenn Carmichael and Kevin (Spider) Evans. Previously (in 1978) Glenn had managed a band called the Tax Exiles. Spider had played bass in the Tax Exiles. Glenn & Spider had remained friends. Spide moved to Cornwall. Glenn visited Spide and they joined together at a pub open mike night to perform Joy Division's 'Radio Transmission'. In 1981 Spider moved to London and heard about the disintegration of Glenn's previous band the Twilight Zoners, and he asked Glenn if he wanted to do something.
They got together in a rehearsal studio in Elephant and castle with a drum machine. Spide played bass.
After their first rehearsal they went to watch Depeche Mode at the London College of Printing. It was a good night.
Very soon David Littler asked if he could join. Dave took over the musical side. They were managed by Andy Munroe.
The White Brothers were heavily influenced by the embryonic Rap scene emerging from the USA, particularly Grand master Flash & the Furious Five. They considered themselves 'London's Premiere Rappers'. They were often misunderstood and journalists even alleged that they were racist - a stupid claim. The trio gigged and rehearsed throughout the late summer and winter of 1981, and in early 1982 went to Starforce Studios in Clapham and recorded the 3 tracks that became their first release; the cassette 'Coming Clean'.
01 Sex Thing (MP3 6.4Mb)02 Muscle Power (M4a 3.7Mb)03 Work (M4a 3.8Mb)
They gigged regularly, supporting such bands as A Certain Ratio, Funkapolitan, Bahaus.
They had articles in most of the music papers of the day: NME, Sounds, Melody Maker, New Sounds New Style.
In the sprimg of 1982 they enlisted Dai Bubbles and Gaynor Gregory.
They signed with Siouxsie and the Banshees manager Nils Stevens and began rehearsing in the Denmark Street studio that was used previously used by The Sex Pistols. Nils put them into several studios and they recorded at Chappell Music Ltd, Park Street W1; Polygram Studios, Stanhope Place W1,
01 Club Time (MP3 4.7Mb) 02 Number One (MP3 3.8Mb) 03 Glamour (MP3 5.1Mb)
with Nigel Gray at Surrey Sound Studio, Leatherhead, They recorded again in Starforce in late 1982 and early 1983, Matrix Studios, Little Russell Street, London WC1.
Stand Up (M4a 3.9Mb) White Rap 19Oct82 (MP3 2.9Mb)
Muscle Power 19Oct82 (MP3 3.9Mb) Muscle Power 23Feb83 (MP3 7.1Mb)
This is a pic of their last photo session - summer 1983

The White Brothers finally fell apart in the late summer 1983.