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Occult Chemistry
In 1980 Zip Records produced the ‘Occult Chemistry EP’
Tili (Martha Tilson) had sung backing vocals on the first Twilight Zoners record and (Gordon Twilight) Glenn Carmichael decided to finance the production of a record, using Tom Dixon and Justin Langlands from the Twilght Zoners along with Selima Guirey.
The first and only Occult Chemistry record was the Occult Chemistry EP released in 1980 on Zip/Dining Out label (Tux 4).
The line up were:
  • Martha Tilson – Vocal
  • Tom Dixon – Bass, piano, backing vocal
  • Justin Langlands – Drums
  • Selima Guirey – Flute
  • Gordon Twilight (Glenn Carmichael) – whistling, backing vocal
Listen to the Occult Chemistry EP
01 - Water (MP3, 1.4Mb)02 - Earth (MP3, 2.4Mb)
03 - Fire (MP3, 2.1Mb)04 - Air (MP3, 1.7Mb)
Front and Back cover of Occult Chemistry EP 1980