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Glenn Carmichael began his career in music in 1978. He lived in Cardiff during the punk explosion and saw most of the bands during 1976 and 1977, including the Sex Pistols, Clash, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Buzzcocks, Subway Sect, etc etc. In March 1978, when Punk was in it's death throws, an old friend, John McGowan, asked Glenn if he'd be interested in forming a band. John was squatting in Whitechapel. Glenn moved down to London and The Twilight Zoners were formed.
Their first EP 'Zero Zero One' - usually called the 'Hospital EP' - was released in 1979 on their own ZIP (Zoners in plastic) label. The line up were:
  • Gordon Twilight (Glenn Carmichael) - vocals
  • Johny Limbo (John McGowan) - guitar
  • Tom Dixon - bass
  • William Pew-Evans - drums
  • Gerry - backing voclas
  • Tillie (Martha Tilson) - backing vocals
There were 45 different cover designs for the limited pressing of 1,000.
Listen to the 'Hospital EP'
01 - Hospital (MP3, 2.1Mb)02 - The Wrap (MP3, 1.9Mb)
03 - Twister (MP3, 3.7Mb)04 - The Film (MP3, 3.9Mb)
The second single 'Brighton Rock' was released in 1980.

The front cover shows a still from the film 'Brighton Rock' the 1947 film directed by John Boulting, starring Richard Attenborough as Pinkie and Carol Marsh as Rose.

The 1980 line-up of the Twilight Zoners were:

  • Gordon Twilight (Glenn Carmichael) - vocals
  • Johny Limbo (John McGowan) - guitar
  • Tom Dixon - bass
  • Justin Langlands - Drums
Listen to 'Brighton Rock'
01 - Brighton Rock (MP3, 4.4Mb) 02 - Diversion (MP3, 2.9Mb)
Listen to out-takes from the 1980 'In the Land of Oz'
01 - Lois Calling (MP3, 2.1Mb)04 - Sign of the Times (MP3, 1.9Mb)
06 - Into the Eighties (MP3, 2.1Mb)08 - Plane Jane Astral (MP3, 3.7Mb)
09 - Telephones Pink (MP3, 2.3Mb) 11 - Je T'aime (MP3, 2.1Mb)
Due to Johny's mental state and Glenn's escalating drug encounters the Twilight Zoners disappeared in 1981.