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Still Searching for The Big City Beats
by Glenn Carmichael and Evan Evans

Originally published in 2000 by Pimp$ of the Alphab£t Press
ISBN: 0-9526432-5-1 - Price: £6.99

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Getting Weird in E1

It’s the late 1980s and Punk is dead.
Not everyone made it.
Not everyone died.

London’s E1 leftovers, the underbelly of a bygone era, are still alive and still dreaming. Facing up to Thatcherism, despondency, drugs and desire. This is a world where everything and everyone is negotiable. We are all searching for something. Keith ‘Spike’ Williams is looking for a spark to ignite his life. Lost and locked up in a quandary, Spike is going nowhere until his old friend, the mysterious Gene Campbell reappears on the scene with a pocketful of hope and a crazy dream. The Big City Beats are born – hard-faced performance poets; arbiters of attitude and addiction, holding up a mirror to an apathetic, doom-ridden society. Both bleak and darkly funny, this book will take you into the dingy alleyways of Whitechapel and the neon-lit streets of Soho. Where dreams turn to nightmares and reality bites hard into the fantasies of anyone desperate to make their dreams come true. Glenn Carmichael and Evan Evans have melded wonderfully, creating a fast-moving modern day quest for ‘kicks and meaning’. Martin Millar meets Raymond Carver meets Nick Hornby meets Martin Amis, in Spike’s search for something true, somewhere beneath the tarmac and treachery of London’s E1.

Winner of The Eastside Writers Bursary 1998.
“… it’s a very ambitious and stylish work.” David Riding – MBA Literary Agents Ltd.
“…a vivid and hard hitting slice of life.” Caroline Montgomery - Rupert Crew Ltd.

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Buy the original Still Searching for The Big City Beats

Still Searching for The Big City Beats is now regarded as a cult classic - the first British novel to use the spoken word scene as its backdrop. It has been reissued under the Burning Eye imprint.

ISBN: 978-1-909136-76-2 - Price: £9.99

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