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A Brief History of Poetry
Glenn Carmichael has teamed up with Sara-Jane Arbury to create touring show called A BRIEF HISTORY OF POETRY, covering the complete (brief) history of British poetry from Cędmon to Benjamin Zephaniah.
This is a roller coaster ride through the nation's favourite poems, using performance, dance, music, video and, of course, poetry, to entertain, educate and amuse.
At present A BRIEF HISTORY OF POETRY is a one-hour touring show for adults, but will be available as a show for schools along with attendant workshops.
Sara-Jane and Glenn have also written a 20-minute show entitled A BRIEF HISTORY OF LURID LOVE POETRY , which begins by uncovering saucy and erotic verse from the earliest Buddhist and Taoist traditions, then goes rollicking through the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, and finally ends up with sexy poetry from the present day.
Both shows are available to book now